Klose Backyard BBQ Grills
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                              New Square Grills for 2013
                                         Open Faced Backyard Park Grills

                              The New Tailgate 20" by 24" Receiver SS Grill
The New 20x36Tx Square Grill
                       The New 20x36 Square Grill with Stainless Steel Doors & Tables
                                The 20x36 Solid Stainless Steel Square Grill

Heavy Duty Deluxe New Pipe Grills
                    The Deluxe 20 inch Diameter by 30 inch Long Pipe BBQ Grill
                                            20 inch by 36 inch Long Deluxe Pipe Grill
                                   20 inch by 42 inch Long Deluxe Pipe Grill

                             ENCLOSED LOG RACK 20 X 42 DELUXE PIPE GRILL

          Owners Pick for the Highest Quality Grills in the World
          for smaller Families-the new 20x36 Grill Chef Grill
                      Owner's Highly Recommended Grill Chef Grill-20x42
                         Folks, Here is my Favorite Grill in my Backyard for 2013
                               The New 20x54 Deep Set Rotisserie Grill
                              Open Faced Grills with & without Hoods
                           Different Styles of Grills Available in any Size

          Larger Grills & Commercial Gas Grills Styles

             Larger Klose Caterer's Grills for Vending
                         New Model 20x36 Heavy Steel Square Grill
                                         20x42 Klose Caterer's Grill
                                         24x42 Klose Caterer's Grill
                                     24x42 Klose Caterer's Gas Grill
                                24x48 Klose Caterer's Grill-Two Door
                        Special Caterer's Open Faced Grills-The Favorite 24 x 48
                                          24x48 Caterer's Big Wheel Grill
               NSF/UL/ETL Compliant Dual Hooded 24" x 96" Deluxe Grill
     NSF/UL/ETL Compliant 30" x 72" Completely Insulated Open Faced Grill
     NSF/UL/ETL Compliant 30" x 8ft Uraguayan/Argentinian SS Grill for 2013
                Large 30" diameter Heavy Pipe Grills of All Sizes Available
           Specialty Theme 30" x 54" Insulated Santa Fe Redwood Wagon Grill
                AMAZING 24" to 30" by 4, 5, or 6Ft Electric Hog Roasters
                                 The Huge 5ft by 8ft Caterer's Grill
                 It's Starting to Look Like BBQ Pit Row at my House


                                      Hundreds of Sizes to Choose from.
                                      Buy Direct from Us-The Manufacturer.
                                         We have Lay-Away and Financing.
                                           Delivery Available World-Wide.
                                              Call for FREE Quote Today.
                             1000's of Trophies have been won with our Pits.
World-Wide Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

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