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The operator may use both sections to roast, one to warm and one to roast, or both
sections to keep product warm. The 10.10 uses a double rotational planetary drive system
to assure the pinnacle of product quality. The unit can be used with spits or baskets in any
combination to prepare products ranging from whole chickens and ducks, to chicken parts,
ribs, sausages, and brochettes. The removable rotating interior allows for the optional cooking
of large roasts, turkeys, and suckling pig. The 10.10 achieves all of this in an area of less than
eight square feet while merchandising the product in an eye-catching, mouth-watering display.

Cooking: Electronic timers can be set to determine start and stop times to prevent over or under
cooking. Thermostatic controls, displayed in Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales, enable settings
for baking, barbecuing, and warming. The 10.10, which occupies only eight square feet of floor
space, provides a capacity of up to 50 chickens per batch per hour. The user can employ both
the convenient rotating baskets and self-basting spits. Each 10.10 cooking compartment comes
with 5 spits complete, 5 hanging baskets, 1 turkey spit, and 2 turkey skewers.

Merchandising: The interior of each cooking area is illuminated with quadrant lighting and is
completely visible to both the operator and the public, enhancing merchandising capability.
Two separate cooking areas allow for the preparation and display of multiple items during
peak hours, without concerns for the co-mingling of flavors


Ventilation: Electric units do not normally require air evacuation. However since the surrounding environment may get hot, a hood may be useful. Gas units must be vented, either under a hood or directly vented via a flue.


Drive Mechanism: A sprocket gear attached to gear motor drives a chain, which in turn drives a large sprocket gear on the central drive shaft. The drive wheel has individual drive gears which operate in a planetary action around a stationary gear.


Installation Requirements: Licensed electrician, licensed gas fitter for all gas connections and checkout. HVAC specialist for air evacuation. Placement of this machine is critical since it is hot. Plan carefully.


Front Facings: Machine is made with high grade polished stainless.


Service, Maintenance, and Construction: Full side service panels allow easy access to all working parts. The 10.10 is easily cleaned from front to back, enabling the user to meet all sanitary and hygienic requirements with a minimum of time and effort. Removable interior allows for quick maintenance and minimal cleaning effort. The interior cooking area is constructed completely of high grade stainless steel. Insulation is complete on all top and side panels. Rigid box design insures strength.


Safety: The horizontally hinged, tempered glass service doors pneumatically open completely after 60% displacement and self closes after 40% displacement. This system prevents slamming and glass breakage, and also provides full access to baskets and spits without blocking aisle space. Electrical components are located behind the

control panel in an area fully insulated from the interior cooking space. Control panel information, with clear, legible graphics, eliminates confusion for even the novice operator.


Gas List Price

Electric List Price

N/1.9E (Manual Timer)






N/3 (small)



N/3 (regular)









N/7 (pivot door)









N/14 (turkey)






N/18 (turkey)



N/45 (regular)



N/45 (black & brass)



N/45 (black & stainless)



N/45 plus



N/45 plus (black & brass)



N/45 plus (blk & stainless)



N/5.5 (black finish)



N/5.5 (stainless steel)



N/6.5 (black finish)






N/10.10 (w/ warmer)












5.7 (bls & stainless)



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