My pit has rust what can I do?

Repainting a smoke or BBQ Pit is a big, messy job.  Please contact us for an estimate. If you need to do a simple touch up here are some easy to follow steps.

Due to the expansion & contraction of the surfaces of BBQ pits made from sheet metals & steel to ½” thick, metal can move 1/8” during the heating & cooling process. The heat dries out paint, & the expansion tears it, causing it to flake. This allows moisture under the paint creating rust.

As with any paint job the end result is only as good as the prep work. It’s best to repaint on a warm sunny day because it helps warm the pit and expand the metal so the paint will seat deeply.

Start by removing as much of the surface rust as possible with a wire brush, cup brush or sand paper. Use a clean, low lint cloth to wipe down the afflicted area, make sure the surface is clean and dry before  applying the paint.

Use the best high heat paint you can find. Rustoleum makes a high heat BBQ black.  Do NOT use Epoxy paints. They are toxic and should not be used on food products.

Never paint the inside of the food area or inside the firebox. 


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