What makes your product and service different?

Experience – We’ve been building smokers and grills for 40 years.  David Klose, the owner, is a World Champion BBQ cook who also has extensive knowledge in catering and restaurant equipment. Many of our employees also compete in BBQ competitions, charity events and some even cook little league or softball teams

Quality – When it comes to BBQ equipment heavier is always better. We use only new, quality steel, pipe and plate. See our pipe yard here

Customer Support – When you buy a Klose smoker you become part of the family. If you have questions about cooking or just need recipes we are here for you. Our shop phones ring to the house after hours because we know a brisket or whole hog takes all night to cook.

We stand behind our product. You’ll never have to wait 6 months to repair or refurbish your Klose smoker. We even service other manufactures smokers because they don’t.

If we can be of help don’t hesitate to contact us!



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