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Combination smoker
  • The Cook and Chefs Combo Grill & Smoker (Copy)


    Specially designed for the Outdoor Enthusiast.

    20 x 36 Deluxe pipe smoker and 20 x 36 Santa Fe style grill all in one unit


    20” X 36”Smoker with a 20” X 36” Steak Grill

    Includes Deep Top Hood & Thermometer for  Santa Fe style Steak Grill & 8” locking hard rubber wheels

    Specially designed for the Outdoor Enthusiast.

    The 20″x 36″ Deluxe Smoker, comes complete with 1008 square inches of smoking area.

    A pullout ash-pan and stainless steel handles. Full log-rack underneath. All meat-racks are framed with angles for strength and durability. Stainless Steel Thermometer also included.

    The 20″x 36″ adjustable height Steak Grill.

    Comes with a large wheel to adjust meat-rack height for the ultimate grilling experience. Height adjusts from 3″ to 18″ for easy grilling of hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, fish, shrimp, & blackened red-fish. Large 8″ wheels for easier moving and loading. Heavy Charcoal Rack.


    Additional information

    Weight 1000 lbs
    Dimensions 84 × 36 × 60 in


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