Season your new barbecue smoker

How to Season Your Smoker

So you finally have your new barbecue smoker home but before you can have that big cookout you need to cure your new pit. So how do you season your new barbecue smoker? The reason we season. A new BBQ pit should be cured like a new cast iron skillet inside. You may choose to […]

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How to Use a Charcoal Basket

The Klose Charcoal basket is designed to fit inside the firebox of a Klose off-set smoker. I have a Deluxe Smoker purchased in July. My only complaint has been problems getting a burn longer than 60-90 minutes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love tending my stick-burner, but there are times when I just cannot […]

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BBQ Ribs

I know it’s a last minute thing but David Klose will be smoking up some ribs at our shop tomorrow 10/22/16. If your in the neighborhood and want to learn David’s tips and trips – stop on by!

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Apple wood smoked Bourbon Baked-on Pie

So I saw this video from Thrillist without researching the ingredients I proceeded to the experiment. I now call it Apple smoked Bourbon Bake-on Pie 🙂 I made some changes to the recipe and added some extra things to it. I think it turned out really well but next time I would add more […]

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Keeping up with the King-of-Que

What’s HOT in Houston, Texas besides the weather? BBQ Pits and the King-of-Que! The weather has been heating up and so are the BBQ pits. We have been shipping out some real monsters lately.  Be sure to check out the video of the 33 foot trailer debuting at Del Mar Horse track in California. We […]

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Klose the Rolls-Royce of Quality BBQ Smokers

You asked “What makes a Klose Smoker so Special?” From the beginning, our main drive has been to make the most fuel efficient, consistent & level burning pits ever. Their attractive appearance comes from the fact that we buy the Highest Quality Materials available, so they Look and Cook more evenly and better than ever. Let’s […]

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Baseball, Apple Pie, and a Klose

Time to Celebrate! Memorial Day has come to mean a lot a things to different people. It’s the end of the school year, Start of Summer, Family Vacations and of course BBQ, BBQ, BBQ! For us here at BBQ Pits by Klose we are almost half way through what has started off to be a […]

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Come take a tour

TEXAS SIZE BBQ PITS ON DISPLAY AND IN ACTION Tour the Factory and Sample BBQ David Klose, World Champion Barbecue Pitmaster and owner of BBQ Pits by Klose, will be giving tours of the factory where his custom Barbecue pits are built, showing off one-of-kind creations and providing tips on how to produce some true […]

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