20″ x 42″ Pipe Smoker


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Great for the beach or family reunion. 20″ diameter by 42″ long with a 20″ by 20″ square firebox made of 1/4″ new steel to maintain even cooking.

CAPACITY: 1218 Sq inches in Smoker & 400 Sq. inches for Grilling in the Firebox.


IT’S IDEAL for grilling & smoking and comes with plenty of table space outside, & storage underneath. Grill in firebox has 5 level adjustable height for grilling FAJITAS, SHRIMP, BLACKENED REDFISH, & STEAKS, HAMBURGERS, HOTDOGS. Firebox has a removable 20 pound ash-pan with curved lip for easy Ash-Clean-out. 1300 degree heat-paint.

Air-cooled Stainless Steel Handles & Thermometer. ALL Meat Racks & Half Shelves are framed in Steel Angles for Triple Strength. 10” x 42” Front Folding Table.

Many Options Available:

½” Steel Firebox adds to Heat Control & versatility in Cold-Wet Weather.                     495.00

Brass Ball Valve Drain with large Rubber Handle. Never get Dirty Again.                          59.50

Two Row Pullout Shelves (Solid SS Meat Racks in SS Angles 1045.00)                  Add 345.00

Charcoal Basket allowing 6 hours without having to add charcoal                           Add 195.00

Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket (Lasts Forever)                                                       Add 395.00

Stainless Steel Ash Pan  (Lasts Forever)                                                                   Add 295.00

Stainless Steel Meat Rack & Fire Rack in Firebox                                                     250.00 Each

SS Meat Rack 525.00/ SS ½ Shelf 275.00 / SS MC char. rack 275.00/ SS Front Table      425.00

Four 8” Swivel Caster Locking hard rubber Wheels. Moves Easier on hard ground.     225.00

Fish Fryer Table. Includes 160,000 BTU Cast Iron Burner, Swivel Bottle Holder, Hose & Regulator, and Front controls. Add 695.00

Add a Fold Down Hot Griddle Plate (also Protects Burner from the Elements)   225.00

Additional information

Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 26 × 60 in


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