20″ x 42″ Deluxe Pipe Smoker



Perfect size for the family of 4 plus all the friends and relatives.

CAPACITY: 1218 Sq inches in Smoker & 400 Sq. inches for Grilling in the Firebox.

Includes the upgraded 1/2″ thick steel Firebox and 2″ brass ball valve drain for easy clean up.

IT’S IDEAL for grilling & smoking and comes with plenty of table space outside, & storage underneath. Grill in firebox has 5 level adjustable height for grilling FAJITAS, SHRIMP, BLACKENED REDFISH, & STEAKS, HAMBURGERS, HOTDOGS. Firebox has a removable ash-pan.

Additional information

Weight 950 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 26 × 60 in


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