36″ Commercial Upright Smoker


This unit is 1/4 Inch Thick All-New Steel. 36″X 36″ Fully insulated Firebox.

6 Row Pullout Shelves framed in angles. Single 8″ Smokestack with Butterfly Baffle Control.

Stainless Steel Air Cooled Handles & Stainless Steel Thermometer, Removable Drip Pan,

Heat Dissipation Drip Shield, 12 hanging rods and 2″ drain with ball-valve.





General Specification

  • 36 inch by 36 inch Double wall Insulated firebox 3 inches thick, with 3000 degree extol barrier
  • 2” thick fireproof insulation between 1-1/4 inch thick Solid Steel Plates with aerated barriers.
  • Center pieces of 2”x ½“thick steel flat bar runners between two Steel Walls for strength in firebox.
  • This upright slow smoker has a single front opening door with dual SS air cooled Handles.
  • Dual stainless steel thermometers for easy reading of temperature.
  • Single stainless steel Air Cooled Firebox Door Handle.
  • Dimension of Entire Unit footprint is 36 inches deep by 72 inches long by 6-1/2 feet tall.
  • Weight is approximately 4000 Pounds.
  • Electrical Requirements: NONE
  • Wood & Charcoal Fired
  • Five coats of food grade 1300 degree BBQ Heat Paint on the Outside/ Clean & Bare Metal inside.
  • Removable Steel Drip Pan.
  • Single 8″ smokestack with butterfly baffle control.
  • 2″ drain & ball-valve.
  • Heat dissipation drip shield.
  • 12 Sausage hanging rods
  • Indoor and outdoor units come on bolt on 8″ Locking Swivel Wheels.

Special Note:

  • Indoor units require installation below Class One ventilation system.

Additional information

Weight 1700 lbs


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