Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Pits

Commercial Outdoor Smoker Commercial Indoor smoker Commercial Indoor smoker

Commercial Indoor and Outdoor smokers can be a bit more complex. For assistance with selection give us call at the factory and we’ll be happy you.

Factory # 713-686-8720 or toll free 1-800-487-7487 or email

Commercial Grills

30″ & 36″ Diameter Pipe grills

36 x 120 Mobile Grill

30×84 Dual Tri Tip Mobile

Upright Smokers

30 x 30 Upright Smoker

30 x 72 Upright Smoker

36 x 36 Upright Smoker

36 x 72 Upright Smoker

42 x 42 Upright Smoker

48 x 48 Upright Smoker

48 x 60 Two Door Upright Smoker

Price List for All Size Upright Smokers

Commercial Stationary Smokers

30×72 available on sled or 8 inch wheels

30×7 Stationary Oval Smoker

30×8 Stationary Smoker

30×10 Stationary Smoker

36×10 Stationary Smoker

36×10 with Upright smoker

42×10 Stationary Heavy Pipe Smoker

Hog and Steer Roasters

48 x 96 Hog and Steer Roaster

Mobile Hog Roaster

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