Mobile Cookers and Catering rigs

30x8 Blue mobile smokerFamily reunion smoker


Below is a list of standard models with links to details and descriptions. While we usually have 1 or 2 in stock, these pits are custom made. With the endless features and options available personalizing your Mobile smoker can get a bit overwhelming.

Not to worry! We are here to walk you through, feel free to call us at the factory 713-686-8720 or if you need more information, you can call David Klose direct at 713-818-2263

20×60 Family Reunion Mobile

24×72 mobile smoker

24×72 Mobile Grill

24×72 mobile smoker with Upright

24×96 Mobile smoker

28×84 Mobile smoker with upright

28×96 Mobile smoker

28×96 Mobile smoker with upright

28×120 Mobile Smoker

28×120 Mobile smoker with upright

30×72 Mobile smoker

30×72 Mobile smoker with Upright

30×84 Mobile smoker

30×84 Mobile smoker with Upright

30×84 Oval Mobile

30×96 Mobile Smoker

30×96 Mobile Smoker with Upright

30×10 large Mobile Smoker

30×10 Large Mobile Smoker with Upright

36×72 Mobile Smoker36×96 Mobile Smoker

36×96 Mobile Smoker

36×96 Tandem Mobile Smoker¬† – Very impressive back to back smokers

36×96 Mobile Smoker with Upright

36×120 Mobile Smoker

36X120 Mobile Grill

36x120w Mobile Smoker with Upright

42x 8ft Massive Oval Mobile smoker

42x12ft Gigantic Oval Smoker with Upright

42×96 Mobile Smoker with Upright

42×120 Mobile Smoker

42×120 Mobile Smoker with Upright

48×120 Mobile Smoker

48×120 Mobile Smoker with Upright

48×168 Mobile Smoker with Upright

Master Chef Mobiles

Tri Tip Combo 30×96 Mobile Smoker

Tri Tip Mobile 36×84

Tri Tip Mobile 36×108