Pipe Smokers

Here are Links to Printable Pricing and Spec sheets for our Pipe Smokers. This list is arranged from smallest to largest.

When you are ready to order you can place your order online or by calling the factory at 1-800-487-7487

Heavy Duty Deluxe Pipe Smokers

Economy Model – 20×36 Pipe Smoker

20×30 Pipe Smoker

20×36 Pipe Smoker

20×42 Pipe Smoker

20×48 Pipe Smoker

20×54 Pipe Smoker

 20×60 Pipe Smoker

24×36 Pipe Smoker

24×42 Pipe Smoker

24×48 Pipe Smoker

24×60 Pipe Smoker

Backyard Chef Smokers

20 x 20 Backyard chef Jr.

20×40 and 24×40 Backyard Chef smoker

20×50 and 24×50 Backyard Chef smoker

20×60 and 24×60 Backyard Chef smoker

Center Firebox Smokers

20 x 36 Center firebox smoker

20×60 Center Firebox Smoker

24×36 Center Firebox Smoker

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